Digital Printing

Digital printing is a new type of printing technology in the flexible packaging industry. With this modern technology, you can customize your own bags without having to deal with plate costs and freedom of unlimited color designs. Digital printing allows you to try out different designs for your packaging, run small quantity orders for promotional items, create sample packaging to show case your products and perform tests to make sure your new design is exactly what you imagined. ADVANTAGES No Plate Costs For gravure printing, it requires one plate for each color, the total plate count is determined by the total color count of your design. It is more cost-effective if you choose digital printing to accomplish complex design with low quantity since there is no plate costs for digital printing. If you are trying out a new product with rich design to see how it sells, Digital Printing is just what you need! Low MOQ When you start up a business or can only accommodate a small quantity order, it might be difficult for you to find a flexible packaging manufacturer to work with because usually gravure printing requires a minimum order quantity to start. With digital printing you can start at any quantity according to your needs. Shorter Lead time Gravure printing requires up to 7-10 days extra lead time for making plates, while digital printing does not require the plate making process. Most digitally printed orders can be ready within 2-3 weeks from the time of order confirmation. This also means that we will be able to process last-minute rushed jobs much faster compared to traditional gravure printing. The faster you get your products, the faster you can start selling them to make money! Eye‚Äźcatching Colors with High Print Quality There is a limitation to print colors when using traditional printing methods. If you are looking for eye-catching multiple colors in design for your packaging, digital printing is the way to go!