Tubs VS Pouches: Which One Should You Use for Nutrition?

  Sports nutrition has gone mainstream and this is evident from the increase in the number of gyms and fitness clubs that have sprouted up over the years. In today’s market, a supplement product’s packaging is more important than ever. It’s important for consumers to have a good experience as they unwrap their box. There are various types of packaging options available for sports nutrition supplements, the most popular is tubs and flexible pouches. Flexible pouches is lightweight sealed using heat or pressure. For example, stand up pouches, side gusset pouch, flat bottom pouch , etc. In keeping with the name, flexible pouch can be modified or customized with ease. They are manufactured at low costs but offer minimal protection from compression or perforation.   Tubs are at the other end of the spectrum. Packs with rigid designs, they are heavier, more expensive than flexible pouch, and offer better protection. Generally, Tubs take up more space as they cannot be squeezed together when bundled.   Healthcare products have a profound effect on the lives of consumers. That’s why the packaging for nutrition products must have a shelf appeal that clearly reflects the quality, efficacy and safety of its contents. Actually, pouches packaging is able to provide a high barrier performance for nutrition which can guarantee the shelf life but in lower pricing than tubs. Tubs better protects its contents. But, it’s prone to external deformation.   In branding, pouch is easily customizable in flexible minimum production quantity. Pouches will ensure that your product and brand name always stand out, no matter the placement. To stay sturdy, Tub shapes can’t be customized to a great extent either.   When it comes to environmental pacts, it depends solely on the materials used. Due to the mono plastic material, the PE/PE pouches are 100% recyclable, providing a more sustainable packaging solution for your brand. You can also choose from side gusset pouch or flat bottom bags. East West Packaging is the expert to help you move your sports nutrition packaging from tubs into an ecofriendly recyclable food packaging bag.   Tub or pouch, there’s isn’t a right or wrong. The above information are certain factors that will have a significant impact on your decision. However, recent trends show 49% of brand owners switching to flexible packaging to reduce production costs according to bizongo.  

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