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5. Product Storage Condition*
A. Normal TemperatureB. 0-5°C ColdC. -18°C FreezeD. Other

6. Product Sterilizing Techniques after Packing
A. High Temperature SterilizationB. Poach SterilizationC. Pasteur SterilizationD. Radiation SterilizationE. Other

7. Product Performance
A. Neutral MediumB. Weak Acid and AlkalineC. Strong Acid and AlkalineD. Radiation SterilizationE. Other

8. Pouch Style
A. Back Centered Seal Flat PouchB. 3 Sides Seal Flat PouchC. Stand Up Zip PouchD. Side Gusset PouchE. Block Bottom PouchF. Other

9. Accessories or Applications
A. ZipB. SpoutC. ValveD. Tin TieE. Oval WindowF. Banner WindowG. Laser Easy Peel LineH. Other