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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Flat Bottom Pouches
In order to help the customers to have a better understanding of the flat bottom pouches, here shares the advantages and disadvantages of flat bottom pouches for your reference.
Enhance grade: Flat bottom is different from others, it can attract the customers easily and enhance the grade of packaging.
Suitable for product promotion: Flat bottom pouches have 5 faces, which offers enough space for product description, and it will be better for product promotion. Though it lies flat on the ground, its bottom is also a good display page for promotion.
Unique appearance: Customers can tell it easily from others because of its unique appearance, which is easy for building brand.
Large capacity: It has larger capacity compared to other pouches, which will help improve the value of the product.
Zipper: The flat bottom pouches has zipper for repeated opening and closing, which is convenient for food preservation.
Its unique shape determines that it can only accept orders, no goods in stock, Which will have effect on the supplies. It is only suitable for clients for large quantity.
But all in all, I would say that the advantages of flat bottom pouches outweigh its disadvantages.