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Why Flat Bottom Pouches Is More Suitable for Package
Flat bottom pouches are the newest kid in the block, they are usually used for food package, especially for dried food such as coffee and nuts. Though it is a little expensive compared to other packaging bags, it is more suitable for packaging from several aspects of the buyer and seller.
For Buyer
Now people buy something not only the product itself, but also its package. In other words, for the same product, people will choose one who is good-looking. Product in flat bottom pouches is the good-looking one. What’s more, when people go into the store, they can see the branding on the bags clearly and directly, they can make the decision rapidly at first glance. It’s convenient and time-saving for people.
For Seller
The seller will benefit the most if choosing flat bottom pouches. First, food in flat bottom pouches have a good balance, they can stand alone in the supermarket shelves, which looks uniform and beautiful, so it will be attractive. Second, food in flat bottom pouches take less space because of its unique design, then the space can be used reasonable. Third, for the chips in the supermarket, the bag is half empty, then flat bottom pouches looks more economic. Forth, flat bottom pouches take less materials during manufacturing, it is a kind of resource conservation.
For the above reasons, flat bottom pouches is more suitable for packaging. East West Packaging Solutions Co., Limited is such a supplier who is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of package bags including flat pouches, side gusseted pouches, flat bottom pouches and so on. You are very welcome for purchasing any kind of package bags.