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Flat Bottom Pouches Provide You More Creativity for Packing

A good packing makes half of the contribution in a successful promotion, confronted with the numerous items in shelves, which kind of packing catches your eyes most? And what do you think is the most important for an attractive packing, design of the pouches, pattern printed on it, or color?



East West Packaging Solutions Co., Limited has been established as a qualified flexible packaging manufacturer since 2009, through continuous growth, our business has enlarged greatly, especially in the seals of flat bottom pouches, at present, we have a lot of long-last business partners in many fields at home and abroad.


The main serving markets of flat bottom pouches include coffee, tea, confectionery, biscuits, pet food, organic products, chocolates, muesli, spices and so on.


Flat bottom pouches are now favorite in the market. This style of pouch begins to be very popular for high-end food product packaging companies. Flat bottom bags are more expensive than other types of flexible packaging bags. But due to good looking and convenience, the bags still receive favor from many customers.


Flat bottom pouches have many names like box pouch, box bottom bags, block bottom pouch, square bottom bags, quad sealed flat bottom, etc. We have many option for customization:


Materials — clear poly, metalized films, foil laminations, craft paper. We are sure that all the pouches choose food grade solvent free packaging materials, and you can use it without any risk.


Size — will be customized according to your packing needs.


Style  — flat in bottom and quad seal gusseted pouch, your designs are also welcomed.


Pattern printing — glossy printing, matte finish printing, glossy printing with spot matte finish.


Just contact us today, our team will work one-on-one customization with you for your packaging needs.

The size, design, and pattern can be according to your special need.