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What Are the Requirements for the Good Flat Bottom Pouches?
flat bottom pouches
Good flat bottom pouches should have the following features:
1. Protecting function
The good flat bottom pouches must have a good function of protecting goods, which can ensure that the goods are not damaged, decayed deformed etc in any case;
2. Convenience
The good flat bottom pouches should be convenient for storage, stacking, measurement, inspection, display, and easy to transport, transfer, carry etc.
3. Commodity
The good flat bottom pouches need to have good package appearance and picture plan, which will lift the commodity level and promote the sale of goods;
4. Suitable Size
The good flat bottom pouches must be small but enough for display all the information;
5. Reasonable price.
Packaging plan principle is to use the lowest price packaging materials and structure under the request for performance on packing in order to make the products can reach its use in use process, show the most exquisite goods and the most useful value;
6. Environmentally-friendly
The packaging wastes of good flat bottom pouches should be easy to handle, not affect the environment or damage the ecological balance.
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