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Top 4 Characteristics of Flat Bottom Pouches
flat bottom pouches
Flat bottom pouches are new type of flexible packaging bags. This pouch is getting more and more popular for high end food product packaging companies. Flat bottom pouches are more expensive than other type of flexible packaging bags. But due to the good looking and convenience, the bags are getting famous.
Flat bottom pouches have the following 4 characteristics:
It has 5 printed surfaces in all, the front, the back, the left, the right and the bottom. The bottom is completely different from the traditional stand-up pouches. The difference is that the bottom of the flat bottom pouches is very smooth and without any heat sealing, which can show the text or pattern well. So that manufacturers or designers will have enough space to display product description.
Its composite soft packaging materials can provide various preventions. Moreover, plastic packaging can protect products better than general paper bags.
Flat bottom pouches can stand stable on the goods rack.
In order to meet the customer's use friendly, flat bottom pouches can be attached to a re-sealing zipper, slider zipper, etc.
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