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4 Things You Should Know When Using the Plastic Packaging Bag
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It is very common to package food with plastic bags. But people often ignore the fact that some of the plastic is toxic to human body. PVC plastic is toxic. PVC resin itself has no toxicity. However, in the process of making PVC plastics, it will be added toxic plasticizer o-benzene two methanol two butyl phthalate or two formic acid two ester. In addition, some plastic products added stabilizer which is mainly consisted of stearic acid lead that is also toxic. This lead is very easy to precipitate. Once entering human body, it will result in lead poisoning. Thus, we should use the specific food packing bags. When using the plastic packaging bags, we should pay attention to the following things:
PVC products contact solvent like ethanol ethyl ether will precipitate lead, so it is not fit for storing alcoholic food with PVC plastic bags.
When PVC products contact oily food, the lead in it will dissolve into the food. So that it is not suitable for oily food packaging.
When the PVC plastic using temperature is higher than 50 degrees Celsius, it will precipitate the HC gas slowly, which is harmful to human health.
Due to the complexity of the source of raw materials, the waste plastic recycling products is inevitable with toxic ingredients, which can not be used for food packaging.
However, people's daily use plastic products for food packaging are not added polyethylene and polypropylene. We can feel free to use them as a food bag.
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