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Basic Knowledge about Flat Bottom Pouches Every Beginner Should Know
flat bottom pouches
As a professional flexible packaging manufacturer, East West Packaging Solutions Co., Limited is willing to share packaging knowledge with customers and newbie. Today, we would like to introduce the basic knowledge about flat bottom pouches.
Flat bottom pouches are the newest kid on the block. It looks like box or brick style. These pouches have gussets on left and right side and gusset on bottom. Flat bottom pouches can be applied in packaging of coffee, tea, confectionery, biscuits, pet food, organic products, chocolates, muesli, spices, pulverulent products such as industrial glue, chemicals, and cocoa powder, pharmaceuticals, etc. Flat bottom pouches have the following advantages:
1. A flat bottom pouches for excellent stability
2. A selection of materials that guarantees the organoleptic properties of the contents
3. The flat bottom pouches offer an innovative solution that combines five printable sides as well as excellent shelf appeal for merchandise
4. The box shape minimizes wasted space inside the package, while providing a more stable base for shelf placement
East West Packaging Solutions supplies a full line of pouch styles including the stand up pouch, flat pouch, side gusseted pouch, flat bottom pouch (box pouch) and roll stocks with featured products of paper kraft pouch, spout pouch, poly foil pouch, etc. Available for your choice. Our sophisticated printing capabilities backed up with FDA approved food-grade materials will allow your graphics to appear exceptionally vibrant and your food packaging bags trustworthily safe.
Contact us today. Our team will work one-on-one with you to ensure your pre-formed pouches are fully customized for your packaging needs.