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Flat Bottom Pouches are Excellent Addition to Flexible Packaging
Flat bottom pouches are the most innovative and the premium packaging option available in the market. It comes with the best packaging feature and its 5 printable panels offer maximum graphic and product communication to the viewers. This efficient box like structure of the pouch can offer savings on carrying and storage cost.
This flat base pouch or box pouch with resealable zippers are extremely efficient for packaging roasted coffee beans, food grade items and other products. This is because the pouches are manufactured using the best materials. These materials are tested to preserve the freshness of the product. Moreover, the degassing valve prevents oxygen from entering the pouch. In this way, the quality of the items is excellently preserved.
The resealable zipper makes it easy to open and re-close again and again, until the package is empty. The product can be used from the original packaging without losing its quality. Also, the flat box pouches come equipped with a tear notch, which makes it easy to open at the first time.  Below are some of the benefits of this packaging item:
  • It offers outstanding stability, especially in case of lightweight products
  • It has attractive appearance when stored on shelf, stand or either lying.
  • The zipper makes it easy opening and re-closing
  • 100% airtight
  • It gives fresh pack effect
  • Designed all over in eye-catching prints in either matt or gloss finish
The added advantage of flat bottom stand up pouch ensures that the pouch will stay in an upright position all the time.