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Why choose EWP as your food packaging bags supplier?
In recent years, when food safety issue is facing more and more challenge, food packaging bags safety is also becoming more and more important in our daily life. There must be aspects you are concerned when come to food packaging bags: Is the raw material qualified? Is the ink safe? Is the production workshop clean?
When you choose EWP, you are assured of flexible packaging quality and safety! We have long term cooperated suppliers to supply us raw material and ink which are all food-grade. As a quality food packaging bags manufacturer, quality is always our first concern. Our QC (quality control) team will always station on site during the length of production. We are equipped with clean and hygiene standard workshop. All our flexible pouches fulfill the requirements of the FDA for food application. All materials used including foil, poly, and paper linings are free of fungicide, preservatives, and fumigants. This letter also certifies that PBA (Bisphenol A), PVC and phthalate are not used in our manufacturing processes and all of our materials are free from these compounds.
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