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why is it called flat bottom pouch?
Flat bottom pouches are the latest model of flexible packaging that can offer you various advantages. You can see it is designed with a flat bottom so that flat bottom pouch can stand and powerful upright with highly ideal body. Flat bottom pouches also called box pouch flatten at the bottom when filled. Flat bottom pouches is good for storing materials. It is easy for customer to move the pouch from the saling shelf. The most important is that it can stand alone without support by the user. Additionally, flat bottom pouch can catch consumers' eyes and stimulate purchasing desire.
flat bottom pouches
With the development of technology, flat bottom pouch has become one of efficient packaging solution. Flat bottom pouches can provide consumers attractable colors and gloss printing and special features including transparent windows for product viewing. This combination of features allows customizing quality flexible packaging that offers outstanding shelf presence, consumer convenience, and sustainability.