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Flat bottom pouches are the popular kid on the block
Flat bottom pouches are the popular kid on the block Flat bottom pouches have many names such as box pouch, box bottom bags, block bottom pouch, square bottom bags, quad sealed flat bottom, three side gusset bags, brick pouch etc. This pouch style is getting more famous among high end food product packaging companies. Even though flat bottom pouches are more expensive than other type of flexible packaging bags. Due to good looking and convenience, the pouches still get famous.
Flat bottom pouches
Flat bottom pouches looks like box or brick style. These pouches have gussets on left and right side and gusset on bottom. Flat bottom pouches can save 15% of packaging material due to unique design. So these pouches can be environment friendly packaging bags. We can also save shelf space in supermarket as the bags stands tall and width of the bags is less compared with stand up pouches. So this style bags can save money for the food manufacturer by paying less to supermarket shelf space. They can be used for packaging coffee, tea, confectionery, biscuits, pet food, organic products, chocolates, muesli, spices, pulverulent products such as industrial glue, chemicals, and cocoa powder, pharmaceuticals, etc.
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