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How to Choose Coffee Packaging
Coffee has always been indispensable part in people's life. We’re not only drinking coffee in coffee shops but also at home, so we care much about the coffee packaging. At present, coffee packaging generally use composite material, and three sides sealing or four sides sealing. The materials of coffee pouch are also widely used paper/aluminum foil/PE flexible packaging structure in order to achieve sufficient moisture and oxygen insulation effect.
Air tightness packaging is very common; it’s suitable for home or indirect supply (supermarket, etc.). After filling the coffee, it is most common to vacuum seal. During the course of roasting and packaging coffee beans, there is a period which CO2 need to be degassed and that is why it is most common coffee packaging uses vacuum seal. Coffee beans degassing period is longer thancoffee powder.
For a good cup of coffee, coffee bean is the key component. After a good roast the key is how to keep coffee beans fresh and avoid the loss of aroma? Generally, after it’s exposed to air, water and oxygen in the air is accelerated oxidation process and it will lead to quality of coffee beans deteriorate. So the way of packaging is very important and we should choose the best coffee pouch.
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