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What is flexible packaging?
Flexible Packaging is one kind of packaging containers which is made of flexible materials such as plastic, aluminum foil and paper and can easily alter shape when filled with goods. Flexible packaging can meet different barrier performance while using a minimum quantity of material. It is becoming the most rapidly growing segment among the packaging industry.
Flexible packaging pouches can be separated into different styles, such as stand up pouch (which have the ability to stand up when filled and folds flat while empty), side gusseted pouch (which have side gusset either side of the bag and is popular among coffee pouch) and flat bottom pouch (which has combined the advantages of both stand up pouch and side gusseted pouch). Flexible packaging has become popular among a wide variety of consumer products, such as food, pet food, organic products, beverage, coffee, tea, pharmaceutical etc. It is increasingly replacing metal cans, glass and rigid plastic bottles, and cartons.
The reason that flexible packaging is increasingly being preferred over rigid packaging are the advantages such as less raw material consumption, low storage space and lower shipping cost. However, increasing in crude oil prices will cause prices changes of its downstream chemicals. This will slow down the growth of the market. Focusing towards R&D activities in flexible packaging industry technologies is a new opportunity to ensure the growth of the market.