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How to make your pets have a good appetite?
I believe pet owners all have this disappointing experience: when a carefully selected gourmet pet food is put in front of your loved pet, and you expect him/her to be drooling over the gourmet dinner and he/she just sniffs and walks away with their tail between their legs. It is not because your pet is too picky or the food is terrible. It might be because of a poor choice of packaging method.
food packaging bags
Pet has a good sense of smell, however many pet food packaging bags still remain material odor, which will strongly affect the smell of food inside. Good food packaging bags are determined by the safety of raw material purchased, type of ink and adhesive used and aging time. While nowadays, many flexible packaging manufacturers blindly pursuit cheap raw materials and fast lead time to satisfy customers as much as possible, which may easily cause quality issues and even influence the health of people and animals. 
At East West Packaging Solutions, every type of raw materials we purchased is FDA certified, printed with food grade ink and laminated with food safe adhesive. Moreover, our standard aging time for food packaging bags reached up to 3 days, just to ensure the odor of material and adhesive will be removed completely. We pay attention to every step of the way during production process to make customers buy trustingly and pets eat happily. Our QC team performs inspections during every stage of production process to ensure our customers receive the safest and qualitied packaging, which our customers can buy trustingly and pets eat happily. Choose EWP, choose satisfaction.