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Flat bottom pouches have excellent stability
Flat bottom pouches have excellent stability that allow the lowest density product to sit stable on the shelves without worrying about turning over. Best of all, our flexible flat bottom pouches use less film than typical stand up bags, but hold more products. Flat bottom pouches are made with heavy duty barrier film that protects the bags' contents from moisture, odor, puncture, and other hazards and contaminants. That means your product can stay fresher, longer, even once the package has been opened. 
Each flat pouch has five printable surfaces for brand building. The paneled look of these pouches make them perfect for graphics, labeling, and hot stamping. They are available in a wide array of colors and laminated in foil, metallized or clear poly to meet any barrier requirement. Functional zipper of our flexible flat bottom pouches guarantee your customers can easily reach their fresh, favorite products over and over again. 
Flat bottom pouches can be used for packaging coffee, tea, confectionery, biscuits, pet food, organic products, chocolates, muesli, spices, pulverulent products such as industrial glue, chemicals, and cocoa powder, pharmaceuticals, etc. Flat bottom pouches make it convenient for you and your customer to store, transport, access, and consume your quality product.