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Standing flexible packaging pouches will be the main trend in the future
You can see many flexible packaging in food application, so there is a safe problem and a higher level of flexible packaging is required. On the other hand, flexible packaging has been widely used for medicine packaging, building materials packaging, comestic packaging. It has a various range of applications in modern times.
In recent twenty years, China flexible packaging industry has got great progress especially in the aesthetic of flexible packaging. Besides, metal packaging and glass packaging have been replaced by flexible packaging gradually. Furthermore, standing pouches will play an active role in flexible packaging manufacture in the future.
The biggest challenge for China flexible packaging manufacturers is to develop eco-friendly flexible packaging. Another is advanced and economic printing performance. Flexographic printing can save a lot of cost and has become one of leading printing method of flexible packaging. Aluminum foil pouches have been widely used in food, comestic, medicine packaging. There is also a growing number demand of food packaging. Capable and powerful corporations will lead the market as well as professional flexible packaing manufacturers in the development of packaging industry.