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The improvement of unseal and reseal flexible packaging manufacture
The disadvantage of flexible packaging manufacture is still exsisting. It is usually inconvenient for people to unseal and reseal to store food. However, we have taken advanced technology to improve the above capability.
The most common method to unseal flexible packaging bags is to slit the bag. But for some food flexible packaging bags, it is difficult to slit. People have to cut to open so that food will be left out. Furthermore, it is hardly to reseal the food bag and keep food fresh. Now some flexible packaging bags are designed with zipper or valves so that people can not only unseal bags easily but also can reseal conveniently. Another improvement is sprout pouch, it is designed with spiral burr exit and blind nut. It is very suitable to store liquid drinks. For little box shaped drinks, there is a sucker attached beside the box. The sucker is also packaged separately to avoid dust. A hole is designed on the box to make sucker to puncture easily. The development of flexible packaging will be put forward and good packaging solution will be come up with in the future.
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