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Find Good Top Open Snack Flat Bottom Pouches Manufacturer
Flat bottom pouches can be used for packaging and storing food such as dried fruit, tea, chemical products, leisure food, health care products, packet pill, small metal parts.They are made with quality materials which not only makes the pouches strong,but keeps your product fresher for longer.They can also protect it from moisture, vapor, oxygen, odor, light,or even puncture.By design,they can stand on a store shelf,it is obvious for customers to notice all informaiton of the product easily.Shelf space is important.Flat bottom pouches can be made very small or very large according to the products.Flat bottom pouches can also be made with ziplocks or valves if your product should need that.
Flat Bottom Pouches
As for top open flat bottom pouches,they are suitable for storing snacks and fast food.We can offer printing service and customize size flat bottom pouches and color for large orders.If so,you can have your own logos and information about your product on the pouches.If you are interested in these,just feel free to contact us for more information.