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Flexible And Durable Paper Plastic Flat Bottom Pouches
Flat Bottom Pouches have become popular because of their attractiveness,flexibility and durability.These pouches can become an effective marketing tool because of their unique and striking design.One of the biggest reasons flat bottom pouches are so popular is the wide face and back which is perfect for commercial label and custom priting.This unique style can very much attractive and fascinating for consumers and can help you to generate more sales.
This product is not only non-toxic and tasteless but also excellent at keeping various kinds of snack,cereal,candy,spice,nut fruit,and tea.They are made with multiple layers which not only makes the pouches strong,but keeps your product fresher for longer because it can protect it from moisture,oxygen,odor,light,or even puncture.
flat bottom pouches
Our flat bottom pouches can be in plastic,paper and more.Flat bottom pouchess can be made with zippers,tear notches,hang holes,pour spouts,handles if your product need.Our flat bottom pouches are available in several colors,sizes and dimensions.We also offer custom printed flat bottom pouches that are produced by advanced technique.