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Things should be considered for flexible packaging manufacture
There are three aspects you should consider about flexible packaging manufacture.
About packaged products
1.Physical properties of the product:shape,structure,size,and physical state(solid,liquid, powder and gas state).
2.Chemical properties of the product:vulnerability,deformation,water resistance,moisture resistance and so on.
3.Application field of the product:food,medicine,electronics,chemicals and so on.
Flexible packaging manufacture materials: there are paper,plastic,metal and foil and a variety of composite materials in modern packaging industry.But you still need to consider physical performance(transparent,thickness),chemical performance (chemical stability,security,anti-corrosion),mechanical performance (mechanical strength) and decorative performance of materials.
Logistics environment of products: to ensure product safely through the logistics area is one of the main functions of packaging.So you need to take the logistics environment into account.Logistics environment factors main including transport process of physical mechanical factors,as vibration impact and heap code static pressure;store transport process of meteorological environment factors, as temperature,humidity, rain,radiation,and dust.
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