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Flat bottom pouches,an innovative way of pouch packaging
Flat bottom pouch is one of the most innovative ways of pouch packaging,also known as square bottom bag.These square bottom bags use less material which means less energy to produce yet they hold more!They actually hold more per flat bottom pouch,which is incredible while standing erect on a store shelf and with an optional zipper closure to open and close!
flat bottom pouches
Flat bottom pouch packaging has become popular among retailers,manufacturers,distributors, and consumers,which combines all of the features that customers demand with those that you require to save money and better market for business.
Flat bottom pouch packaging is made by multiple layers,which results in a barrier which is strong,stable,durable and puncture-resistant,yet still flexible enough to be easy to use and store.These flat bottom pouches can also protect against vapor,moisture,odor,air,pests,and light, depending on what the specific product requires.