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Flat Bottom Pouches Provides Convenience and Flexibility in Packaging
Flat bottom bags are available as innovative inventions in the field of flexible packaging solutions. This packaging style is getting most popular because of its good looking and convenience when it comes to pack high end products. Such packaging products are designed with gussets on left, right and bottom by which they offer extreme stability. These environment friendly packaging bags save more shelf space in the supermarket due to their attractive construction as they can stand tall with less width as compare to the stand-up pouches. It sometimes allows the shopkeeper to save their cost by paying less to get shelf space in supermarket.
Flat Bottom Pouches
Flat bottom pouches are designed in a variety of sizes, colors and dimensions to suit each packaging need of customers. They are able to remain organoleptic properties of the packaging product same as before. You can also purchase these pouches with custom print as per your desire. With excellent shelf appeal, the pouches are able to stand steadily anywhere when filled with food contents. Their unique designs help you to attract more customers to get your innovative solutions. The shape of box is also helpful to utilize all the available box space with less wastage, on the other hands, provide more stability to the base for easy placement.
The attractive flat bottom pouches are designed with PPE, PE, BPP, LLDPE and PE in order to achieve higher durability, stability and high treat resistive strength. An aluminium foil layer is also use to laminate the pouches so that they become protective from odors, moisture, oxygen and other bacterial contamination. They are recommended as eco-friendly solutions to pack food products in an effective manner. In addition, if you are seeking for flexible, innovative and convenient solutions then nothing is better than flat bottom pouches. They are also known as box pouch, square bottom bags, box bottom bags and block bottom pouch.