We are proud to announce that we have just developed a new type of special microwavable pouch! 

- Current microwavable pouches on the market: These bags need to be opened during microwave heating, so as to prevent them from exploding in microwave. The disadvantage is that keeping the package opened in microwave would cause the food inside to lose moisture, thus affecting the taste of the food. Also, there’s a tendency that the juice of the food would spatter in the microwave.
- Our special microwavable pouch: What make the bags stand out from those typical microwavable pouches are the concealed vent holes on two sides. The vent holes don’t affect the air-tightness of the packages as they only work during microwave heating. With the concealed vent holes, the bags are convenient and safe for microwave use. Customers can put the sealed products directly in microwave without worrying about explosion.

Customizable Options
Bags can be customized as per customers’ requirements:
- Material: all plastic films with the exception of aluminum or metalized material
- Size: per customers’ packaging needs
- Printing: per customers’ design

Contact us. We will introduce our capabilities in detail and show you a variety of samples for your reference.
Count on us. Our team will work one-on-one with you to ensure your pre-formed pouches are fully customized for your packaging needs.