1. Are you only using raw materials FDA approved? Yes. A guarantee letter is available upon request.
  2. If I have a special material structure that would like to use, can you make it? Yes. We have full range of custom laminating materials to meet our customers’ specifications. Please click here for detailed material information.


  1. What type of printing technology is used for custom printed bags?
    Rotogravure printing.
  2. What is the maximum number of colors can you print?
    We can print up to 10 colors including CMYK colors, spot colors and matte ink.
  3. If I need help with artwork modifications for my printed project, can you complete those for me?
    Yes, we can! We have a complete in-house graphics department that can assist you with your artwork or design questions. Artwork design or modification services are available for a minimal fee.
    Please click here for detailed printing information.


  1. What are the normal minimum quantities required for custom projects?
    The MOQ varies depending on the size of the bag. As a general rule, the smaller the bag, the larger the minimum quantity.
  2. Can I combine different items to meet the custom printing minimum quantity?
    Customers may not combine items to meet minimum quantity requirements. The printing technology we employ does not allow us to fulfill this request. However, our minimum quantities have become more flexible, so please discuss your specific needs with our sales representatives.
  3. If I require a custom size bag, but don’t need to print, do I still need to meet minimum requirements?
    Yes. We still run custom sizes as specialized projects for each customer. But we also offer full range of stock inventory available to meet the needs of worldwide customers from different industries.
    Please click here to learn more about quantities.


  1. Are samples available to customers for size and testing purposes?
    Yes. In fact, we strongly recommend that the customer try our bags before purchase to ensure the correct size, color, and style is ordered.
    Please click here to get FREE samples.


  1. How can I get a quickest quotation from you if I would like to go for a customized job?
    Before we can quote you precisely, please provide your pouch dimensions, estimated quantity, estimated printing colors and material structures.
    If you have no idea about materials, just let us know what kind of products you are going to pack, we will recommend you the best material structure!
    If you have no idea about printing colors, just send your graphic designs over, we will analyze for you!
    Please click here to submit your inquiry information.


  1. Do you offer volume discounts on your stock bags? At what quantity do volume discounts usually begin?
    Yes, we do. Volume discounts depend on which item you are interested in. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.
  2. Do you sell to distributors?
    We are continuously doing business with distributors throughout the US, Canada and Europe.
    Please contact us if you are interested in carrying our line of stock bags.


  1. What shipping methods you usually use?
    Usually, we have two shipping methods, air freight (faster but more expensive), ocean freight (cost effective but slower). Mostly, our customers are having their appointed forwarders to take care of the transportation. However, if you are not familiar with this part, we will recommend a reliable forwarder for you or arrange shipping for you.


  1. What payment methods will you accept if I would like to place an order?
    We offer flexible payment methods depending on different types of products.
    Please contact us for details.