The technology of flexible packaging manufacture

With the development of technology and market in recent years, customers also have higher request of products. However, fierce competition makes few benefit for enterprise in China.Flexible packaging manufacture has a history of 20 years in China.They have a great development during the 20 years until group appears.First-class printing enterprises take over China excellent flexible packaging enterprise which promoted the development of flexible packaging manufacture in China. Chinese flexible packaging manufacturer realized the crisis and opportunity so that they decide to expand industry scale and open to worldwide development.

At present, there are 400 flexible packaging manufacture production lines in China.The technology of these production lines have been up to developed country.East West Packaging Solutions has been established as a quality manufacturer of flexible packaging pouches since 2009.By using advanced laser printing technology and high quality ink printing, flexible packaging products have a great progress and have been widely used in many areas.

Furthermore, our flexible packaging manufacture has a boom in technology with the development of equipment and manufacturing materials.Just for printing quality, our flexible packaging manufacturing printing has reached a higher level than some European countries especially in the application of particular functional packaging products.