Capabilities Of Food Packaging Flat Bottom Pouches

As for flexible packaging materials, there are a wide selection of materials available to meet different packaging demands. The OTR and MVTR performance of different materials makes a difference. Therefore, it is very important when food manufacturers choose the right packaging materials and they must take food safeness and shelf life into consideration.

The materials of food packaging flat bottom pouches should have the following capabilities:

1. The materials of food packaging flat bottom pouches should be good at separating gas or water. Choose right materials according to food properties, shelf life and storage conditions.

2. The materials of food flat bottom pouches should have strong flexible capability. Because the packaging will not only need to bear the tension of mechanics but also need to bear the pressure during transportation.

3. The friction ratio of packaging material should be between 0.2-0.4 to ensure fast packaging.

4. The materials of hot food packaging flat bottom pouches should be no leakage, no crack and hot resistance.

5. As for ink printing food packaging flat bottom pounches,they should have sterilize capability and can be boiled in hot water to ensure the ink printing will not come off or condense.

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