Merry Christmas

Dear Customers, Christmas is on the corner! On behalf of the team at East West Packaging Solutions from Shanghai, we would like to send you our warmest greetings! Wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year filled with peace, joy and success! Hope you enjoy your holiday! And look forward to our cooperation … Continued

What Does the Best Flexible Packaging Manufacturer Do?

    When it comes to the packaging solutions, I guess you must first have an idea what kind of boxes you need but may not be so sure what exactly you will have to reach for. This is the issue of flexible packaging, you should find the Best Flexible Packaging Manufacturer to give you … Continued

Best Top 10 Flexible Packaging Manufacturers Nov 16th, 2018

  Why not have a look at the latest and Best top 10 flexible packaging manufacturers if you are trying to find the most updated and related information? You will be benefited from this article.     1.Flexible Packaging Buyer’s Guide     Actega Coatings and Sealants. Actega is an innovative global … Continued

Stay forever young- Foil Pouch

In order to maintain our facial performance in a superb condition. Face mask is one of the most significant products we are using in our daily life. This trend not only embraced by modern society. Actually, dating back to Tang dynasty, the earliest user of face mask in China is Yang Guifei. Many researchers have … Continued

Guidance on How to Select Your Coffee Packaging Bags?

Coffee packaging is what keeps your coffee beans fresh for a longer time, so it’s important to make a good choice when selecting suitable coffee packaging. Here we would like to share four crucial factors about choosing coffee packaging bags for your reference and hope these suggestions will be helpful to you. Pouch types: Stand Up … Continued