Top 4 Classifications of the Stand up Pouch

Stand up pouch has the ability to stand up when filled and folds flat while empty. Today we will learn the classification of the stand up pouches. Before we introduce the classification, we should know the material features of the stand up pouches. The composite material of stand up pouches is different from different products, and the number of composite layers is also different. It’s up to whether it can reduce oxygen permeability by increasing the oxygen protection layer, so as to extend the life of products. The cost of the stand up pouches is generally lower than the cans and glass bottles. The composite layer structure of the stand up pouch increases the folding resistance and bearing capacity of the stand up pouches. And can enhance the expiration date of the product. Here is the classification of the stand up pouch:  
  1. Normal stand up pouch
It cannot be reclosed and reopened due to the form of four sealing edge. This kind of stand up pouch is generally used in the industry of thousands of industrial products.
  1. Stand up pouch with spout
This type pouch can sting new closure and repeated opening. And it is usually applied to the packaging of daily necessities, such as liquid, colloid and semi-solid products etc.
  1. Stand up pouch with zipper
This type can be reclosed and stung open, but the sealing strength is limited with zipper form. So they are not suitable for encapsulating liquids and volatile substances. It is generally used to pack some light solid solids, such as tea, candy, and jelly etc.
  1. Shaped stand up pouch
It can make different design according to the needs of packaging. This is a new and main directions of the development of stand up pouches. All above is the classification of the stand up pouches. Hope it would be helpful for you. Pls click to look through more information.   Stand up pouch