Stand Up Bags in Highly Expanding Snack Food Industry

Based on the recent report from a food organization. Approximate 40-50% of foods, which been produced in the United States yearly, had been thrown away by the purchasers because of lacking freshness and also the products are close to the expiring dates. In some extents, markets for dry products and snacks are expanding greatly. For instance, In China, Snack companies such as Three squirrels, selling their snack food online around 5 billion RMB in 2016. Stand up bags fitted perfectly in addressing this situation. Additionally, soaring consumption of snack food has also introduced a lucrative market for flexible packaging industry. Stand up bag is one of the most important products in this market due to the following features:
  1. High-barrier materials and resealable zipper closures have been applied on the stand up bags. Which offers consumers a better way in protection against punctures, dampen and smells. These characteristics helped a lot in prolonging expiration period.
  2. Fantastic possibilities in fulfilling different requirements in appearance and advertisements. Stand up bags are made by two and more than two layers materials. Stand up bag allows up to 10 colors printing on the pouch. Which can help companies to advertise for themselves. Stand up bags can cut a window on it which clearly display their products to customers directly.
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