Stand up Pouch Main Applications in the Worldwide Nowadays

Stand up pouch is mainly used in fruit juice, sports drinks, jelly, condiments and other products. Besides, some washing products, daily chemicals, medical supplies are also using stand up pouches to package their products. The stand up pouch is much easier to attract consumers due to itself distinctive features and rich packaging color. Which is good for extending the upright on the shelf. So today we will learn the application of stand up pouches in the worldwide. In the mid and late 90s of the last century, the stand up pouch was widely used in developed areas such as Europe, America and Japan. In 2012, 22 billion plastic stand up pouches were sold in the European market. Also, stand up pouches accounted for the current 45% market share. In the past five years, the demand of the increased by an average of 5.5% annually. In the late 90s, the stand up pouch was introduced into China. The jelly that came into being was made of stand up pouches with mouth. It was beautifully printed and easy to use, soon swept the whole country. At present, there are more than 10 kinds of branded jelly that have been seen in the supermarket with the stand up pouch packaging. With the progress of the stand up pouch equipment industry, it has a fast developed of the stand up pouches. High barrier and multifunctional stand up pouches has become a hot spot of domestic development in recent years with new products and new technologies emerged. With the rapid development of advertising business, if we make full use of the advantages of the stand up pouches, such as the convenient printing and good printing quality, printing advertisements for customers on the stand up pouch will reduce the actual cost of producing stand up pouches. With the increasing awareness of social environmental protection, the use of stand up pouches instead of plastic bottles, barrels, glass bottles has become a new trend. All above is the application of the stand up pouch. Hope it would be helpful for you. more information, please click stand up pouch