Spout Pouch – Original Flexible Packaging Product

After a long freezing winter. Spring finally came which brings everything productive again. The temperature is rising continuously which increased the consumption of cooling products. Products such as jelly and liquid beverage are going viral in the market among spring and summer. These types of products can not only store in plastic bottles or plastic boxes, but also can put into spout pouches nowadays. Spout pouch can be seen as the combination of four side-sealed stand up pouch added with spout on the top. Spout pouch has great competitiveness due to its flexibility and convenience. Firstly, for merchants, spout pouches can considerably decrease the storage space while clear space for other popular commodities. For purchasers, they can easily put spout pouches into their bags or pockets, the spout pouch volume will become smaller while the liquid decreasing. Secondly, Spout pouch has unique packaging advantages. It can easily attracts customers’ eyes by its appearance. Many spout pouches, contain soft drinks or jelly, have been made into special-shaped pouches and been printed with various designs. This may allow beverage companies enhance their selling and marketing strategies comparing to the limited printing styles on plastic bottles. Spout pouch is more and more popular not only in the beverage industry. But also popular in containing liquid detergent, wine. According to the report from flexible packaging companies, many of them are focusing on exploring new markets for Spout pouch in packaging oil, powders. Along this trend, spout pouches may replace many traditional plastic bottles or boxes in the future.   Spout Pouch