Spout Pouch Development History You Should Know

Spout pouch is a new type package which is developed from the stand up pouch. With the development of the packaging industry, spout pouches have been becoming a popular choice among the sellers. So today we will learn the development history of the spout pouch. Spout pouch was born in Japan and Germany in the mid and late 80s of the last century, and began to spread rapidly in the middle and late 90s of the world. At present, spout pouches are widely used in Europe, America and Japan and other developed countries and regions. The average annual growth rate of spout pouches in the Japanese market was over 40% from 1998 to 2001 according to the survey in Japan. The demand for long mouth spout pouches reached up to 575 million pieces only in 2001. The development of the spout pouchea has been greatly promoted since collecting garbage disposal fees by volume in Taiwan China. The packaging of liquid products has been using the spout pouch. China began introducing the spout pouch in the late 90s, one of the most influential products were the brand of Guangdong Xizhilang suck jelly. Spout pouches have developed rapidly in China. Such as washing powder, gasoline, oil, edible oil and many other products has been using spout pouches to package. In winter, the wine sales hot in the north of China, if using the capacity of long 200-300ml mouth type spout pouches to package the wine is a better choice. Besides, in the places of scenic areas and the famous football Stadium it is also suitable for usage of spout pouch package. All above is the development history of the spout pouch. Hope it would be helpful for you. Please click www.bestpackagesolutions.com for more information about East West Best Package Solutions’ other products.   spout pouch