Spout Pouch Developing Application in China

Spout pouch, as a new packaging form, wasn’t very popular in China, and the application of juice spout pouch was relatively blank in the past. Many people didn’t even know about this kind of packaging, which is composed of a suction mouth and a stand up pouch. But nowadays, spout pouches are commonly used to pack liquids, such as juice, milk, soy sauce, jelly and even liquor. For example, in the cold area of northern China, the sales of liquor in winter are extremely large. Spout pouch packaging is convenient for the people working outdoors in the field, they can simply use body temperature or hot water to warm the liquor without packaging off. Moreover, with the continuous development and application of spout pouches, more countries like Japan, South Korea are using spout pouches to pack laundry detergent and clothing softener instead of traditional plastic pouches. The biggest advantage of spout pouch over the usual packaging form is portability, which can be conveniently placed in the backpack or even in the pocket, and can gets to be smaller with the decrease of contents. Otherwise, spout pouch packaging has advantages of high printing quality and printing convenience, so some companies are making full use of these advantages, printing advertisement on the pouch to attract customers’ attention. Such as some juice produced for children, which are packed by spout pouches shaped in different cartoon images, look very attractive and will increase the probability of purchase. With the advantages of spout pouch understood by more consumers and the continuous strengthening of social awareness of environmental protection, replacing traditional plastic disposable packaging with spout pouch will become a trend in the future.East West Packaging solutions Visit us via : http://www.bestpackagesolutions.com/   spout pouch