Recycle Law Approved by EU Parliament to Flexible Packaging Manufacturer

flexible packaging manufacturer With rapidly spreading of plastic materials, flexible packaging manufacturer in developed countries like US, Europe and Japan have realized that while it makes life easier, plastic materials do great harm to environment if not supervised. Laws and rules relating to plastic recycle rises in response to the proper time and condition.   An environmental protection law has been approved among EU members, which aims at promoting recycle ratio of packaging waste. If put into practice, about 55% will be recycled to factory. For flexible packaging manufacturer, it will increase production cost in short term. However it will eventually benefit the whole market in long term, if the law is executed strictly.   The recycle movement is not promoted uni-formally among EU members. By now, German, Switzerland do much better than the procedure in the schedule. Related foundation has been set up since the parliament approves the law. However in UK, the recycle movement are roughly protested from association of local flexible packaging manufacturer.   A flexible packaging manufacturer in London named Nick said, ”compared with competitors in Asia and North America, we are restricted by the coming law and lose our market shares owned before.”   It is not an excuse. Recycle need new equipment, technology and professional staff. It indeed will knock out some flexible packaging manufacturer as a result. It is really cruel for every single man or company, but it is inevitable wave in global flexible packaging market not only environmentally but also economically in long term.   Are you ready for the coming wave of plastic recycling ? If not, please at least get to know it first. You won’t get regretted when it comes to an end.