The Production Technology of Flat Bottom Pouches

Flat bottom pouches have been widely used in the field of light solid packing at present, , such as candy, biscuit, pet feed, coffee and so on. And gradually spread in the field of rice. So this type of pouch has greatly enhanced the scope of the application of flexible packaging. Today, we will talk about the production technology of the flat bottom pouch in this article. A good market prospect and demand of flat bottom pouches driven the related equipment manufacturers enthusiasm, with popularization and more and more demanding to flat bottom pouches, it has a higher technology requirement for it. There are several advantages of the flat bottom pouch like below shows. The flat bottom pouch can be packaged with dry pet food, coffee, tea, high grade food, cosmetics and other products. It is a high added value package. So the flat bottom pouch generally using the PET/PE or PET/ALU/PE and other composite material structures. But there are something need to be noticed when product flat bottom pouches. The flat bottom pouch is printed on the back and bottom at the same time, and the two sides are printed separately. Therefore, two sets of gravure plates need to be made in the production of flat bottom pouches. We suggest that the side of the design should be less color, generally not more than three colors, and more information is designed to dry the back and bottom when designing the flat bottom pouches. Usually, it needs two sets plates when making the flat bottom pouch. All above is the production technology of the flat bottom pouch. Hope it would be helpful for you. flat bottom pouches