Kraft pouches – Fashion and Sustainability Pouches

Tracing our memory back to 2012. There’s an unforgettable show which refreshed many people’s mind because of an unique item – “fashionable” Kraft pouch. This was the show in the last season of Jil Sander in 2012. Dior’s creative director Raf Simons designed this Kraft pouch. Kraft pouches’ insanely price, around 280 dollars, had been criticized by plenty of commentators. Most of them alleged that only foolish will pay for this worthless so called “fashion” bags as this Kraft pouches were made only by 100% coated Kraft paper. Even though sustainability and eco-friendly are the main concerns in modern society. While the connection between fashion and sustainability seems not be accepted by the majority. On the contrary, Kraft pouches are welcomed by most well-known food corporations. For instance, Starbucks and Mcdonald’s already changed all of their  packaging bags into Kraft pouches for a long time. Which has hugely decreased the white-pollution to the environment. According to the report on the magazine, consumers felt comfortable when buying products which packed in Kraft pouch as well. Nowadays, many corporations are more and more pay attention in integrating their packaging strategies. Some companies even use Kraft pouch as a marketing strategy to propaganda their brands. Want to start your eco-friendly business from buying Kraft pouches now? Please click HERE.   Kraft pouches