What Happened to Kraft Pouches Since 2016?

  kraft pouches   Kraft pouches price from main markets all over the world has soured rapidly from the beginning of 2016, compared with highest accelerated speed in record, and there seems not to be an ending in short term. What accounts for the crazy rise in price of Kraft pouches?   When referring to price rise of Kraft pouches, authorities and experts may draw it to price souring in waste paper, coal, transportation cost and decrease in exchange rate for RMB. In other words, that it to say the price rise results from the rise cost of Kraft paper production.However, it cannot completely explain the rise of Kraft paper pouches as the speed of price rise of Kraft pouches is much faster than that of Kraft paper.   According to the latest static data in Kraft paper industry, from January to June in 2017, accumulated income has increased to 470.3 billion Yuan, increasing about 14.8% compared with that in 2016; accumulated production of Kraft paper has increased to 63.66 million tons, increasing about 4.5% compared with that in 2016. The whole profit of Kraft paper industry has increased to 30.06 billion Yuan, increasing about 73.6% compared with that in 2016.   We should analyse this issue under its circumstance. Firstly, before the price rise, Kraft pouches have stayed in low price for many years; Secondly, political factors such as environment-protection leads to shortage of Kraft paper supply; The last but not the least, centralization is a typical feature of Kraft paper industry. It means that great powers in Kraft paper production could affect the market efficiently than buyers.              

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