Food Packaging Bags – Contributor to Online Snack Market

According to Global Sources’ 2018 report in snacks online selling industry. It indicates that the sales of online leisure food has rising dramatically year by year. In China 2017, leisure food online sales is around 48 billion RMB, this number may increase to 50 billion RMB or over 50 billion RMB in 2018. Many experts explained this situation as the increasing consumption ability of citizens. People’s needs are expanding which brought a huge market for snacks. Shopping online could be seen as an entertainment to many customers in some extent. When they are searching snack food in online stores, product itself is not the only factor that matters their decisions of purchasing. Food packaging bag is an important element as well. Food packaging bags can be printed with different designs which can easily introduce customers’ interests by its look. According to a survey established by Ali Data. 21% of purchasers chose that they will make decisions to buy the products only because of the appearance of the food packaging bags. There are various types of food packaging bags in terms of different products. For instance, for products like nuts, it requires high barrier of water and oxygen for storage. Food packaging bags can easily solve this problem by using material structures that suits this situation. Food packaging bags can also be used in packing cooked-food, most of these products are put in foil vacuum bags. It can be delivered to other cities and even other countries via air freight. Rising leisure food market enriched people lives while opening a large market for many industries. Food packaging bag is one of the significant link among the whole chain. East West Packaging solutions Visit us via :   food packaging bags