Brief Introduction about the Features and Manufacturing of Kraft Pouches

Kraft pouches are non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free. Also, it accords with the national environmental protection standard and have high strength and high environmental protection. Besides, the Kraft pouch are one of the most popular environmental protection packaging materials as well in the world. The Kraft pouches have been applied more and more widely, such as the supermarkets, shopping malls, shoe &clothing stores and other places. Most of the sellers provide the Kraft paper pouches to facilitate customers to carry things. And today we will learn how to make the Kraft pouch: 1. Small types of Kraft pouches are requiring bulk goods. So the sellers require the small Kraft pouches are made by machines, which means totally produced by the machines. Due to the limits of the machines, this type Kraft pouch could only make small size Kraft pouch. 2. The medium – sized Kraft pouches are made by machine fitted and a handmade piece of combination of rope after the machine parts have been done. 3. The big size Kraft paper pouches could be only made by handwork because of the loss of the Kraft papers made by machines.   All above is a brief introduction about how to make the Kraft pouch. East West Packaging Solutions Co., Limited¬†has been established as a quality manufacturer of flexible packaging pouches since 2009, offering a full line of Kraft pouches that are manufactured to your specifications and standards.¬†Please click our website for more information. Kraft pouches

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