The Expanding of the Coffee Pouch Industry

Coffee consumption takes a significant part in the selling market globally. According to the research from USDA in 2017, the main regions of purchasing coffee are EU countries, The United States and Brazil. To specify, EU countries contributed 2.65 million tons, The United States consumed 1.51 million tons. Which took 29% and 17% proportion of global coffee consumption figure respectively in 2016. While Brazil reached 1.23 million tons and occupied 13%. With the rising trend of coffee consumption.The packaging industry also expanded a lot. Coffee pouch can be made into many different material structures. For instance, Starbucks coffee beans are mainly contained in foil coffee pouches. Coffee pouch’s metallic appearance can easily catch consumers’ attention and the texture are welcomed by most of the consumers. Many other private coffee shops prefer their products be sustainable, so they tended to pack their coffee beans in Kraft paper coffee pouches. Due the coffee beans will release CO2 after baking, therefore coffee pouch will be attached with a degassing valve. Which allows the CO2 can be exhausted through the degassing valve and without inhaling any gas from outside. Customer also can identify the quality of the coffee beans simply by squeezing the coffee pouch and smell the fragrance. This new development has made many coffee companies choosing coffee pouches to store coffee beans instead of cans or cases. For more information about coffee pouch, please visit our website via the link below: coffee pouch