Eco-friendly Food Packaging Bags

On the 4th July, 2018, the No.8 typhoon named “Maria” initially formed on the sea east of Guam,USA . Later by 8:00 am on the 9th, “Maria” had reached super typhoon class, surpassing the remaining seven typhoons, it becomes the strongest typhoon produced so far this year. For places affected lightly by this typhoon, people may just feel a little cooler these days, however, for the areas that have suffered from the strongest typhoon, things are getting extremely terrible, the winds of hurricane magnitude damage or even destroy buildings, bridges ,vehicles , etc. Strong winds also block peoples’ way to go out for eating, people are more willing to order takeaway foods packed by various food packaging bags at home rather than going out. Before, these packaging are usually made from plastic material which are non-degradable, but nowadays, eco-friendly food packaging bags are right on its way to become a huge trend. Such as Kraft pouch, many vendors now would like to select this kind of eco-friendly material to pack our takeaway foods. Kraft pouches can be degradable and do less harm to the environment. Another eco-friendly material called rice paper, which can be made into very delicate packging.Furthermore,in order to reduce the consumption of food packaging bags, some packaging bags with zipper can be reused for many times, and more eco-friendly food packaging bags are expected to show up in our daily lives to protect the environment better. See more eco-friendly food packaging bags please click the link below:East West Packaging solutions Visit us via : Food Packaging Bags