Box Pouch Blooms with the Coming of Winter

To flexible packaging manufactures, October and November are golden seasons for box pouches selling. In these days, people in different ranks of life and different cultural backgrounds are all used to preparing gifts for their friends or relatives. In China, elders put money in red box pouches to show blessing to the young in Luna New year days. In Western world, people exchange gifts packed in decorated box pouches to transfer happiness on Christmas Day. In a manner of speaking, the box pouch has became an essential factor in festival atmosphere. Under this premise, quality of box pouches means more than our expectation. A good box pouch show respects to the receiver and good willing in communication. Then, how could we choose good quality box pouches?  
  1. Printing
Whether the printing pattern is printed clearly? Does the box pouch have a bad smell? These are two main measurement of printing of box pouches. If pouch manufactures use inferior or even bad printing ink, it may effect not only the beauty of box pouches, but also health of the users.  
  1. Material
It is widely suggested by most of flexible packaging manufactures that box pouches should be made of non-toxic, food grade materials. Different materials have varieties of functions in different ways. If materials are chosen well when making, the box pouch will be reusable, bacteriological and not easy to tear.   Now with the winter coming, it could be estimated that the sale of box pouches will soar in next few months. There is not much time for packaging manufactures to catch up with the newest design and popularity this year. Only manufacture with good quality box pouch could win in the battle of coming winter. box pouch