How does Box Pouch Works for Your Pets

Everyone is searching for friendship all through their lives and one of the best forms of companionship is the form of animals, that is, pets. Cats and dogs are the most preferred choices. Keeping pets not only satisfied the pets’ owners but also created a considerable business market for many industries. According to the report. Not until 2016, 68% of the families in the US are having at least one pet. It has increased 12% comparing to the 56% in 1988. Not only the quantity is rising, so as the expenditures. The leading consumption in the pet market are pet food and medical care. They took 42% and 24% respectively in 2016. Since more and more pets’ owners are keeping pets as their family members. So the pets’ health and joyfulness are really vital for the owners. In China, many pets’ parents will purchase import pets food as they think it’s more secure. Actually, not only the pet food itself is important. But also the container. In current market, box pouches are the most popular products for storing the pet food. As the box pouch is food-grade product and it doesn’t have any solvent in it. So it’s completely safe for pets. Furthermore, box pouch is really space-saving due to its flexible texture. Which will save both sellers’ and customers’ space. For more information, simply click the link below to know more about pet food packaging: East West Packaging solutions
box pouch