Box Pouch in Coffee Industry

In many countries, drinking coffee has been considered as a daily routine in their culture. Many people rely on coffee to open up a fresh morning every day. Due to the huge consumption on coffee which promotes many related industries’ development. Packaging takes a really significant role in it. A lot of famous coffee brands such as Starbucks, Costa. They are not only selling the freshly brewed coffee, but also sell the coffee beans. Consumers can buy the coffee beans and make the coffee at home. Box pouch is one of the most common containers for coffee beans. Box pouch has also been called as block bottom pouch. Box pouch has a unique and lovely appearance compares to other pouches. Box pouches’ appearance is quite variable in terms of different material structure. Some coffee shops pay more attentions in eco-friendly products. So the box pouches would be made by Kraft paper. While others may prefer the outstanding look so it would be made by plastic materials with aluminum. And the pouch would look shiny and metallic. Box pouches shaped like a box on the bottom side and it has large capacity while saving the storage room compares to cans or boxes. For coffee companies box pouches can save a lot of money than a proper box container. For consumers, box pouch is quite popular because of its portability and room-saving characteristics. For more information about box pouch. Please visit the best flexible packaging manufacturer East West Packaging solutions’ website: box pouch