The Expanding of the Coffee Pouch Industry

Coffee consumption takes a significant part in the selling market globally. According to the research from USDA in 2017, the main regions of purchasing coffee are EU countries, The United States and Brazil. To specify, EU countries contributed 2.65 million tons, The United States consumed 1.51 million tons. Which took 29% and 17% proportion of … Continued

World Cup is Coming-You Need a Box Pouch

After 4 years’ waiting, the World Cup finally begins at June 14, 2018 in Russia. Of course, the most dazzling is the football star, but outside the field, there is also a group of people who always attract the cameras of various photographers, they are fans who love to watch the ball and eat snacks at … Continued

Food Packaging Bags in Supporting Original Business Pattern

Fresh products, such as fresh meat, sea food and many kinds of vegetables, have always been a concern in storage and long-distance transportation. Many packaging companies devoted themselves into inventing new products to fit the market for a long time. In modern times, many big corporations branched their business into different fields. For instance, Alibaba has … Continued

Kraft pouches – Fashion and Sustainability Pouches

Tracing our memory back to 2012. There’s an unforgettable show which refreshed many people’s mind because of an unique item – “fashionable” Kraft pouch. This was the show in the last season of Jil Sander in 2012. Dior’s creative director Raf Simons designed this Kraft pouch. Kraft pouches’ insanely price, around 280 dollars, had been criticized … Continued

Stand Up Bags in Highly Expanding Snack Food Industry

Based on the recent report from a food organization. Approximate 40-50% of foods, which been produced in the United States yearly, had been thrown away by the purchasers because of lacking freshness and also the products are close to the expiring dates. In some extents, markets for dry products and snacks are expanding greatly. For … Continued