Spout Pouch Development History You Should Know

Spout pouch is a new type package which is developed from the stand up pouch. With the development of the packaging industry, spout pouches have been becoming a popular choice among the sellers. So today we will learn the development history of the spout pouch. Spout pouch was born in Japan and Germany in the mid and late … Continued

Foil Pouch – the Best Food Storage Helper

Food storage, especially for meat, has always been an issue for human beings. Many sophisticated methods showed up for deferring food’s storage period. In ancient times, salt was the most helpful element for keeping meat away from rotting. In modern time, the invention of the refrigerator helps a lot in extending storage time of the … Continued

Foil Pouch Top 4 Features You Should know

Foil pouch, refers to a combination of a variety of plastic film through the pouch machines, foil pouches were used to package food, pharmaceutical industrial products and daily necessities, etc. And it is suitable for the moisture proof, light and vacuum packaging. Foil pouches are with four layers material structures, and have good effects in water and oxygen isolation functions. Then, we … Continued

Box Pouch Blooms with the Coming of Winter

To flexible packaging manufactures, October and November are golden seasons for box pouches selling. In these days, people in different ranks of life and different cultural backgrounds are all used to preparing gifts for their friends or relatives. In China, elders put money in red box pouches to show blessing to the young in Luna New year … Continued