The Main Reasons for People to Like the Kraft Pouches

Kraft pouches packaging is normally seen in our daily life. Such as the Kraft nuts pouches, Kraft coffee pouches and Kraft file pouches etc. With the requirements of the environmental protection of the government, more and more companies are using the Kraft pouches to package their products to meet the requests. Even the customers like this kind of pouch very much … Continued

What Happened to Kraft Pouches Since 2016?

    Kraft pouches price from main markets all over the world has soured rapidly from the beginning of 2016, compared with highest accelerated speed in record, and there seems not to be an ending in short term. What accounts for the crazy rise in price of Kraft pouches?   When referring to price rise of … Continued

Recycle Law Approved by EU Parliament to Flexible Packaging Manufacturer

With rapidly spreading of plastic materials, flexible packaging manufacturer in developed countries like US, Europe and Japan have realized that while it makes life easier, plastic materials do great harm to environment if not supervised. Laws and rules relating to plastic recycle rises in response to the proper time and condition.   An environmental protection law … Continued

Box Pouch Blooms with the Coming of Winter

To flexible packaging manufacturers, October and November are golden seasons for box pouch selling. In these days, people in different ranks of life and different cultural backgrounds are all used to preparing gifts for their friends or relatives. In China, elders put money in red box pouches to show blessing to the young in Luna New year … Continued

Top 7 Advantages of the Flat Bottom Pouches

    The flat bottom pouches , called eight seal pouches as well. Which is a new type packaging pouches in the flexible packaging. Nowadays, in a fierce competitive environment, the flat bottom pouches rely on its’ creative shape and unique technology take up an important role in the flexible packaging. So the flat bottom pouches have a strong … Continued