Stand Up Bags in Highly Expanding Snack Food Industry

Based on the recent report from a food organization. Approximate 40-50% of foods, which been produced in the United States yearly, had been thrown away by the purchasers because of lacking freshness and also the products are close to the expiring dates. In some extents, markets for dry products and snacks are expanding greatly. For … Continued

Box Pouch in Coffee Industry

In many countries, drinking coffee has been considered as a daily routine in their culture. Many people rely on coffee to open up a fresh morning every day. Due to the huge consumption on coffee which promotes many related industries’ development. Packaging takes a really significant role in it. A lot of famous coffee brands such … Continued

Promising Business – Stand up Pouches Manufacturing

Stand up pouches has been extensively used in food industry. As people’s living standards are getting better year by year. Consumers nowadays are requiring the products with better quality than before. For food industry, purchasers’ desire of buying would not only attracted by food itself but also attracted by products’ packaging appearance. According to flexible packaging industry, the … Continued

Stand up Pouches Has a Great Potential with Its Usage

Stand up pouch is referring to a soft packing bag with a horizontal support structure at the bottom. It can stand up by itself without any support regardless of whether it is open or not. In the 1990s, stand up pouches was widely recognized in the United States market and then popularized worldwide. Nowadays, more and more people think … Continued