Stay forever young- Foil Pouch

In order to maintain our facial performance in a superb condition. Face mask is one of the most significant products we are using in our daily life. This trend not only embraced by modern society. Actually, dating back to Tang dynasty, the earliest user of face mask in China is Yang Guifei. Many researchers have … Continued

Guidance on How to Select Your Coffee Packaging Bags?

Coffee packaging is what keeps your coffee beans fresh for a longer time, so it’s important to make a good choice when selecting suitable coffee packaging. Here we would like to share four crucial factors about choosing coffee packaging bags for your reference and hope these suggestions will be helpful to you. Pouch types: Stand Up … Continued

How does Box Pouch Works for Your Pets

Everyone is searching for friendship all through their lives and one of the best forms of companionship is the form of animals, that is, pets. Cats and dogs are the most preferred choices. Keeping pets not only satisfied the pets’ owners but also created a considerable business market for many industries. According to the report. … Continued

Eco-friendly Food Packaging Bags

On the 4th July, 2018, the No.8 typhoon named “Maria” initially formed on the sea east of Guam,USA . Later by 8:00 am on the 9th, “Maria” had reached super typhoon class, surpassing the remaining seven typhoons, it becomes the strongest typhoon produced so far this year. For places affected lightly by this typhoon, people may … Continued

Spout Pouch Developing Application in China

Spout pouch, as a new packaging form, wasn’t very popular in China, and the application of juice spout pouch was relatively blank in the past. Many people didn’t even know about this kind of packaging, which is composed of a suction mouth and a stand up pouch. But nowadays, spout pouches are commonly used to pack liquids, … Continued